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We're the automotive experts

Used by motor trade professionals for over 75 years, our extensive dataset and unique understanding of the automotive market help businesses of all shapes and sizes manage risk and increase profit.

A truly global company with an exceptionally powerful dataset

Our data, combined with our knowledge, experience and expertise, enables us to create award-winning automotive products, all powered by a unique code that connects the entire automotive industry like never before. Value a vehicle anywhere in the world, gain a thorough insight into its history, specification and running costs, then see how much it’s worth to you. We’ll provide all the tools you need to win over new customers and keep existing ones loyal. From the total cost of a single vehicle to pricing up an entire fleet, we have the information and the insight to help you make smarter automotive decisions.

Explore our rich heritage and discover how the journey of cap hpi really is a tale of two companies.


1938 hpi is founded, producing Britain’s first ever vehicle provenance check.


1979 cap is founded, releasing its famous Black Book into the automotive industry.


1984 cap launches the Red Book, ushering in a new era of commercial vehicle values.


1991 cap introduces the UK's first future valuation predictions and motorbike values.


1997 hpi and the IMVA jointly launch the National Mileage Register.


2002 hpi launches a new online service to motor trade customers, including hpi Exchange - the online vehicle stock publishing facility. That same year, cap releases the CAPcacl Reforecaster and Monitor SMR services.


2005 cap launches Market Value Manager. Meanwhile, hpi launches Driveaway Insurance, the free 7 day insurance cover.


2008 hpi is acquired by Solera, a leading global provider of claims solutions. cap launch Valuation Anywhere, allowing dealers to access values in the office and on the road in seconds.


2009 hpi CrushWatch launches, enabling law enforcement agencies to check vehicles prior to disposal. hpi Finance Gateway also launches, allowing dealerships to provide forecourt finance to their customers. cap opens offices in India and starts providing bespoke consulting services right across the industry.


2010 cap introduces new consumer valuations, Black Book Plus and values for iPhone. hpi CrushWatch becomes the sole provider of pre-disposal checks to law enforcement agencies.


2012 The National Mileage Register, offering protection against clocked cars, hits 150 million readings. hpi goes mobile and the famous hpi Spec Check arrives, offering information about optional extras.


2014 cap is acquired by Solera. cap also releases Consumer Mobile, introduces new functions to Valuation Anywhere and launches Black Book Live, to allow customers unique access to continually up-to-date car values. hpi REACT is introduced to the finance and insurance sectors.


2015 As part of the Solera family, cap and hpi join to become one company, offering comprehensive, high quality services and solutions across the automotive industry. hpi MOT is added to the hpi Check tool, free of charge.